GP Training

With over 50 years of experience in providing medical services to South-West Sydney families, we are committed to building an encouraging and supportive learning environment for future doctors and GPs. Our collegiate working environment allows passionate registrars and students to share knowledge, ask questions and experience a diverse clinical practice.


We encourage all registrars to ask questions during their time at the practice. We are open to considering any special interests that you may have - for example, women's health, paediatrics, procedures etc. When you are first accepted as a registrar or medical student, our support team will arrange a suitable time to start preparations for your start. Whether it be several weeks, months or multiple registrar terms, our team is experience in integrating new arrivals to the current practice flow and systems. Many of our registrars continue their training and work experience beyond their initial terms, as 6 months can often be too short a period to settle into a working rhythm. Our medical centre has a practical and hands-on approach to training. After years of medical school training, we find that many registrars and doctors are keen to experience a broad range of clinical challenges that general practitioners face day-to-day. Some highlights from the program include:
  • An extensive women's health program
  • Diverse ethnic and cultural patient base
  • Efficient and smooth workflow
  • Administrative support lead by a professional management team
  • Modern and state-of-the-art purpose built treatment room
  • Friendly reception and nursing staff